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Blacktie helps you entice your supporters and enlarge your audience by providing our new, completely revamped, sophisticated communications tools.

Use our templates to create savvy social media communications. Whether it is an email blast, Facebook auction alert, newsletter or event poster, Blacktie 's tools simplify the design work for you. Become a member and see how to arouse your crowd and have a great event.

Software Benefits:

Timely Updates

  • By creating innovative communications, you entice your supporters to keep abreast of the latest happenings before and after your successful event.

No Programming Skills Required

  • Allows you to create electronic internet newsletters with pictures, logos and hyperlinks.


  • Our new blast allows you to track how many people actually opened your email.

Keeps you off of Spam lists

  • We send your email, in groups, every five minutes regardless of how large it is. We also track your bounce-backs for you.
  • Excite your prospects and donors and keep them informed.