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September, 15 2011 - Brainfood Grill-Off 2011

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Kyle Bailey Executive Chef of Birch and Barley prepares his station before the competition. The competition begins and there is a rush for ingredients at the supply table as Chefs begin grabbing the necessities for their dishes. Kevin Villalovos, executive chef of Cure Bar and Bistro, prepares his team sponsored by Mercator XXI Victor Albisu Executive Chef of BLT Steak looks, decides, delegates, and prepares to execute the hour of culinary exhilaration.
Mercator XXI team members Chris Williams, Nnedimma,and Susie Poneman perform early prep work to get their team ready to succeed. While having fun, of course. The Kraft Foods team members, Selma Munden and Brainfood student London, took careful precision in cutting up bell peppers and cilantro for their dishes. Chef Robert Gadsby of Ridgewells, at left, oversees the early prep work of his Ridgewells team Scott Drewno, executive chef of The Source, loads corn onto the grill as Susie Poneman handles zucchini hot off the grill.
The tent was buzzing as chefs and their teams worked to create delicious dishes in the hour time window. The Southeby's team comes together to discuss the cuisine for the evening and the methods of preparation. Chef Albisu loads the grill with Eggplant, Onions and Zucchini while directing his team. The Kraft Foods team works tirelessly on preparing their ribeye steaks for the grill.
Annette Andrews of the Ridgewells team juliennes her red bell peppers before dicing them. Brainfood student (Armante") demonstrates his skills cutting mushrooms for his team. The supply table half an hour into the competition after being ravaged by the chefs hungry for a first place finish. Chef for the Southeby's team brings a professional flare to seasoning his potatoes.
Chef Albisu prepares to grill his seasoned and marinated Ribeyes. Chef Drewno keeps the momentum going as his protein dish, salmon, cooks on the grill. As the sun sets, the dishes come together as Susie Poneman keeps an eye on her team's salmon Attendees circulate through the event watching the chefs and their teams diligently prepare dishes.
Teams come together to put finishing touches as crunch time approaches. Team members bond and keep it light while they sauté, chop, and season their dishes. Joan Christian grates The Kraft Foods team cuts up grilled eggplant en route to finishing their final dish.
Maria Princi prepares to tackle the not-so-simple task of cutting and slicing a whole pineapple. Chef Teddy Folkman demonstrates how to slice roasted corn from the cob for Team Sotheby's. Team Sotheby's works to get the final touches of their dishes together. Chef Robert Gadsby of Ridgewells, and team Ridgewells, cuts up and de-seeds jalapeno chilis in preparation of a salsa.
One of the students of Brainfood slices garlic for a dish. Team Philips slices red onions. Selma Munden from the Kraft Foods team slices the grilled onions and mushrooms in final preparation. Bill Hounschell of team Sotheby's mans the packed grill, carefully watching over ribeyes, shrimp, eggplant, bell peppers, and onions.
Chef Gadsby constructs his salsa with the garlic that was sliced by his team previously. The Kraft Foods team prepares one last dish Dave Gorrin and Frank Banda from the Reznick Group Celebrate a job well done. Grill-Off Judge Amanda McClements cuts into her Ribeye from the Kraft Foods team.
Brainfood's executive director Paul Dahm and his wife Betsy. Chef Villalovos corks a bottle of beer, which was chosen to be paired with his teams entry. Judges Jessica Sidman of Bisnow Media and Nycci Safir Nellis CEO of give their opinions of the dishes. Chef Villalovos explains his decisions for the dish he prepared with Emcee Leon Harris.
Leon Harris with Lawrence, one of the Brainfood students. Chef Scott Drewno of The Source, with Brainfood student Nnedimma, describing the team's dish to Emcee Leon Harris and the panel of Judges. Brainfood student Nnedimma describing the dish being served. Judges Amanda McClements of, left, and Mark Kuller Owner of Proof and Estadio.
Mark Grovic, Board Chair Kevin Smith and Paul Dahm Brad Bloodworth, Dan Chun and Paul Dahm Les Kanis, Catalan Conlon and friend. Board member Bill Greenwood and friends.
Volunteer, Brainfood grad and Tami Buckner. Board members Tami Buckner of Kraft Foods, Rosa Jeong of Greenberg Traurig and Meredith Hanley of the Committee for Economic Development. Chris Payton with Ridgewells Corporate Chef Robert Gadsby Team Kraft with Chef Victor Albisu of BLT Steak.
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