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January 09, 2011 - An Evening with the Stars

What: Shining Stars Foundation gala and dancing performance

Where: Colorado Heights University

When: Sunday, January 9, 2011

Time: 6:00 p.m. (show), 4:30 p.m. (VIP reception)

Ticket Prices: $30 general admission, $35 at the door, $50 VIP

Beneficiary: Shining Stars Foundation programs

Co-Chair(s): Rob Harris and Kimberly Horton

Executive Director: Director: Kathy Gingery

Staff: Megan Bryant, Cookie Ready, Amy Sloan

Sponsors: Butler Rents, Cabot Creamery, Brennan Clayton, Colorado Ballet, Colorado Heights University, Rancho La Puerta and Andrews Photography

Attendance: 150

Attire: Evening attire

Special Thanks: The Shining Stars; Kennedy Bougher, Zeke Castillo, Will Damsgard-Cronin, Anise Fletcher, Selena Florez, Addison Kleinhans, Kai Rackley, Kaity Scarlett, Scottie Schiavone, Derec Spomer and Max Tucker

Board of Directors: Hal O’Leary, Rebekah Whitfield, Marty Roberts, Wendy Foster, Kevin Moore, Larry McCleary, Kathy Gingery, Bill Kritzik, Dougal McDougal, and Jean McBride

Steering Committee: Marty Roberts and Wendy Foster

 Shining Star ambassador Evan White shared his story and applauded fellow Shining Stars
Shining Star ambassador Evan White shared his story and applauded fellow Shining Stars


"Choreography is the art of designing sequences of movements in which motion, form, or both are specified."-- Wikipedia
The above statement is accurate and concise, yet what stems from choreography is a world filled with magic. A world where people can fly, defy time and space, and change people's lives. On Sunday the 9th of January, that world of dance and music partnered with the Shining Stars Foundation to do just that; help change people's lives, the lives of children with cancer or other life-threatening illnesses.
Just part of The  Shining Stars Foundation’s mission is to provide sport, recreational, cultural, and outreach programs for children and young adults with cancer and life threatening diseases at no cost to the child, through which they can gain self-confidence, physical endurance, independence and self-determination. Most importantly it helps to instill the “will to live” for these challenged youngsters who so often see no hope for their future. In other words, to choreograph a dance of life.
Outside the performance hall of Colorado Heights University the temperature was near freezing and drifts of snow covered the roads and trees. Inside, however, it felt more like Spring; the excitement and expectation of beauty, new growth and delightful surprises. As Shining Stars supporters arrived, many of whom were from the local Rotary Club, they were greeted warmly by Foundation volunteers, making them welcome, and University volunteers bearing platters of delicious hors doerves before the performance.
When the curtain opened, Shining Stars and Professional Dancers began the show with a dance performance to Michael Jackson's “Beat It.”. Afterward Shining Stars Executive Director Kathy Gingery greeted Foundation supporters and voiced her gratitude for their attendance. She went on to share the goals, history and successes of Shining Stars. Kathy was joined at the podium by Shining Star ambassador Evan White, who told the audience how much the Shining Stars Foundation has enriched his life, and then he applauded fellow Shining Stars on their performance.
The Shining Stars dance number was just the spark that ignited an evening of musical magic that included ballet, dance improvisation, poignant songs and Broadway hits. Dances were professionally performed by The Schiff Dance Collective, Dance Conservatory of Denver, M&M Dance Company, Peak Academy of Dance, and National Ballet of Denver and more.
For more information about how you can get involved with the choreography of the Shining Stars effort, log on to

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