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June 27, 2010 - Running Circles Around Invesco Field for Health

What: The Saint Joseph's Hospital Stadium Stampede 5K Run/Walk and 1K Senior/Kids Fun Run

Where: INVESCO Field at Mile High Stadium

When: Sunday, June 27, 2010

Time: 8:30 a.m.

Beneficiary: Saint Joseph Hospital Foundation

Mistress of Ceremonies: Shaul Turner, Fox 31

Honorary Chairperson(s): Mr. Pat Bowlen

Co-Chair(s): Leslie Mitchell

President(s): Carl Unrein

Staff: Marie Adamson

Welcome: Nathan Christian – Wells Fargo – major donor

Entertainment: Clowns, face painters, bungee jumping, climbing wall, charicatures

Music: Raygunomics ('80s cover band)

Sponsors: Wells Fargo, Kaiser, Fox 31, Denver Post, Saint Joseph Hospital Volunteer Dept., Exempla Saint Joseph Hospital, Robinson Dairy and Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth

Menu: Beer and hot dogs

Attendance: Over 1,100

Special Thanks: INVESCO Field and The Denver Broncos Football Club

Donors: 120,000.00 raised for Charity Healthcare through Saint Joseph Hospital

Event Coordinator: Marie Adamson

Board of Directors: Chair: Douglas Jones; Vice Chair: Robert Boswell; Treasurer: Nathan Christian; Secretary: Marcel Pitton; Past Chair: William Fortune; President and CEO: Carl Unrein. Board members: Theodore Atlass, Terry Biddinger, Polly Coleman, Tom DeLine, Gary Friedland MD, Judi Kent Gervasini, Donna Lynne PhD, Kirk MacDonald, Jack Malo, Robert Matucci, Kevin Miller MD, Leslie Mitchell, Brian McConaty, John Moore MD, Jerry Nativdad, Sister Jean Panisko SCL, David Tryba, William Wright MD, Sister Elizabeth Youngs SCL,

Steering Committee: 15 Volunteers

Blacktie Photos by: Steven Shoppman

 Simon Ehaproi and Adriana Nelson, the first place male and female with mascot Miles accepting their awards
Simon Ehaproi and Adriana Nelson, the first place male and female with mascot Miles accepting their awards

Healthcare is one of the biggest issues these days.  It is in the news, it is in conversation, it is in debate, it is in Congress.  Everyone has one opinion or another about it, but there is something that everyone seems to agree on...we need to provide healthcare to those who cannot afford it.  As the debate about this continues in Washington, here in Denver a group of people have been taking action themselves, for 26 years now.  The Saint Joseph's Hospital Foundation has put on this event every year, since long before the issue of healthcare became such a hot issue.  For 26 years, just like last Sunday, thousands of people get out there to run around the stadium and eventually through it right next to the field on which our very own Denver Broncos play.

Pat Bowlen, the owner of the Broncos is kind enough each year to provide such an awesome venue for this exciting event.  This year the excitement was through the roof, with over 1,100 people participating in the event and raising over $3 million.  So where does this $3 million go?  It is Saint Joseph's way of helping to solve the healthcare problem on their own terms.  This $3 million will go to helping those who cannot afford medical care or do not have health insurance get the care they need.

The event spans across the board with fun runners, kids, seniors and serious athletes making the 5K around the stadium.  On the fast end, Simon Heaproi ran his three consecutive miles at a pace of 4:38 per mile.  With most people having trouble running a single mile in less than 8 minutes, it was quite a feat. The participants don't get too serious and the most outrageous of the jokesters out there all wore pink tutus and matching t-shirts, naming themselves the Preemie Donnas, making their mission to raise money for the Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit.  For those in the race who are too young or reached an age to put a 5K run behind them, they are still able to participate with the 1K fun run and walk.

For those 1,100 people that did the run, whichever way they chose, it had personal meaning for all of them.  Some were running for friends or family members who had passed away while receiving care from Saint Joseph's; others were there just to support the cause, but there is no doubt that the event was fun.  After finishing, the event had exhibitions to teach everyone there about health, clowns to bring spirits up and Raygunomics, an '80s cover band playing upbeat tunes.  Kids could enjoy a bouncy castle or climb a mobile climbing wall, and adults relaxed next to the band drinking ice cold beer.

It is clear from all the people with great things to say about Saint Joseph's that each year will likely be more successful than the last.  With so many giveaways at the end and Miles, the Denver Broncos mascot helping to give them away, the vast majority of those attending did not go away empty handed.  The raffle quite possibly may have broken the record for number of giveaways in one hour. Sunday morning was a great success for Saint Joseph's, and regardless of how anyone did in the race, everyone can go away saying they have run on the same field as the Denver Broncos, all while raising over $3 million in the name of medicine.

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