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Statement of Purpose: The Animal Rescue League Shelter & Wildlife Center and the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society merged to form a cohesive organization, Humane Animal Rescue. We provide enhanced services to domestic animals and wildlife of our region. Our complementary philosophies, compassion, and combined resources will better serve our community through a multifaceted and innovative approach. We provide all aspects of care to abandoned, neglected, and injured animals; reunite lost pets with their caregivers or seek new families for them; educate the community on humane care and interactions with all animals with the goal of reducing pet overpopulation and negative relationships with native wildlife; reinforce a standard of living for animals and prevent cruelty; and provide assistance and medical care to injured, orphaned, or ill native Pennsylvania wildlife with a goal of returning them to their natural habitat. Our open door policy ensures that no animal is ever refused shelter.


Address: 6926 Hamilton Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15208
Phone Number: 412-345-7300 x204
Fax: 412-661-8726
Email Address:
Web Site:




Director(s): Dan Rossi, Chief Executive OfficerAnn Yeager, Chief Marketing OfficerHala Nuemah, Chief Administrative OfficerCathy Oskin, Chief Development Officer
Key Personnel: Janice Barnard, Director of Behavior and Intake Jill Argall, Director of the Wildlife Center Cari Ciancio, Director of Operations Dr. Donna Hughes, Medical Director Jamie Wilson, Director of Medical Business Megan Marrangoni, Director of Finance Dara Krom, Director of Adoptions and Animal Care