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Statement of Purpose: The Rey Feo Consejo Educational Foundation is a membership-based nonprofit founded in 1982 by Rey Feo XXXII Logan Stewart. The organization is comprised of former Reyes Feos who approve other business and civic leaders for membership through an annual application process. Applicants must be nominated by a current member in November. The organization’s mission is to uphold the traditions, increase awareness and support the fundraising efforts of the Rey Feo program. To learn more about the history of LULAC #2 and the founding of the Rey Feo scholarship program, please visit Scholarship applications are available for high school seniors in January of each year.


Address: 1011 N. Frio Street
Phone Number: (210) 389-9765
Fax: (210) 212-3173
Email Address:
Web Site:



Major Fund-raisers: Noche de los Reyes


Executive Committee: Walter Serna, Bill Drain, Fernando Reyes, Jose Medellin, Frank Garza, Jon Gary Herrera, Thomas Aguillon and Aaron Seaman
Key Personnel: Lisa Andrade


Founded: 1982
Community Served: San Antonio Area




Accomplishments: The Rey Feo Consejo Educational Foundation sponsors various fundraising events throughout the year and supports the Rey Feo candidates campaigning for the reign. The scholarship awards are dispersed through the Rey Feo Scholarship Fund to deserving high school seniors and students enrolled in a four-year degree program. Since 1947, over $4 million has been raised and awarded to over 3,000 students.