Hummingbird Gardening Camp, 7-10 Year Olds

November 25th and November 26th
9am - 1pm

LSU Hilltop Arboretum

11855 Highland Road

Attire: Casual Attire


Ticket Type Price Qty
Individual Member Registration $50.00
Individual Non-Member Registration $85.00


Your children will be the Hummingbird expert in your family at the end of this two-day camp on Monday and Tuesday of the Thanksgiving Holiday. Who doesn’t enjoy watching Hummingbirds in a garden! Unfortunately, due to land development and climate change, hummingbird-friendly habitat may be changing across many hummingbird migration routes. Hummingbirds are likely to be present year-round in Baton Rouge, even in the winter! The children will learn how they can help Hummingbirds by creating a backyard habitat in which they can live and by becoming a Citizen Scientist.   

Local Hummingbird enthusiasts will inspire the children and share their knowledge as they participate in hands-on activities.  They will learn how to identify Hummingbirds, how they fly, what they need to eat, how they build their nests, how they raise their young, and ways to observe them in a garden.   

Each child will receive a “Hummingbird To Go” kit with information and supplies they will need to attract Hummingbirds to their garden. The kit includes a list of the best plants to attract and support Hummingbirds in our area, nectar plants, Hummingbird feeder, basket for hanging fruit, hummingbird Identification guide, and instructions on how to participate in the Audubon Society Citizen Scientist Project “Hummingbirds at Home.”

The Venue

LSU Hilltop Arboretum

11855 Highland Road


Name: Peggy Coates
Address:11855 Highland Road Baton Rouge LA 70816
Phone: 2257676916

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